Please note this list is not to be used as a source to secure supervision under the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Program in Human Genetics, rather, please see highlights under Student Supervision.




Abou Younes Tania tania.abouyounes [at] Administrative Coordinator
Andermann Eva eva.andermann [at] Professor
Anderson Kelly kelly.anderson2 [at] Adjunct Professor
Anderson  David david.anderson5 [at] Web Design Consultant
Anoja Nancy nancy.anoja [at] Faculty Lecturer
Ao Asangla [at] Associate Professor
Arseneault Madeleine madeleine.arseneault [at] Research Assistant
Auld Daniel Scott daniel.auld [at] Academic Associate
Badescu Dunarel dunarel.badescu [at] Research Associate
Baldin Raul raul.baldin [at] Systems Specialist Linux
Bareke Eric eric.bareke [at] Research Associate
Baret Laurence laurence.baret [at] Faculty Lecturer
Bascunana Claire claire.bascunana [at] Faculty Lecturer
Bérubé Pierre pierre.berube [at] Research Assistant
Bernard Genevieve genevieve.bernard [at] Associate Professor
Bolduc Nathalie nathalie.bolduc [at] Affiliate Member
Boulier Elodie elodie.boulier [at] Research Assistant
Bourgey Mathieu mathieu.bourgey [at] Bioinformatics Manager
Bourque Guillaume guil.bourque [at] Professor
Brais Bernard bernard.brais [at] Professor
Braverman Nancy nancy.braverman [at] Associate Professor
Buhas Daniela daniela.buhas [at] Assistant Professor
Bujold David david.bujold [at] Bioinformatics Software Developer
Campeau Philippe phil.campeau [at] Adjunct Professor
Canales Karen karen.canales [at] Faculty Lecturer
Charbonneau Benoit benoit.charbonneau2 [at] Research Assistant
Chen Shu-Huang shu-huang.chen [at] Research Assistant
Chisholm Caitlin caitlin.chisholm2 [at] Adjunct Professor
Chiu Tillie tillie.chiu [at] Adjunct Professor
Chong George george.chong [at] Assistant Professor
Cloutier Mireille mireille.cloutier [at] Adjunct Professor
Cournoyer Denis denis.cournoyer [at] Associate Professor
Crist Colin colin.crist [at] Assistant Professor
D'Agostino Maria Daniela maria.dagostino [at] Assistant Professor
Dali Rola rola.dali [at] Bioinformatics Specialist
Daskalakis Antonios antonios.daskalakis [at] Student Affairs Administrator
Dayton Lindsay lindsay.dayton [at] Research Administrator
De Bie Isabelle isabelle.debie [at] Assistant Professor
Dewar Ken ken.dewar [at] Associate Professor
Diatchenko Luda luda.diatchenko [at] Associate Member
Djambazian Haig Hugo Vrej haig.djambazian [at] Academic Associate
Djedid Anissa anissa.djedid [at] Research Assistant
Drury Stella Robin stellarobin.drury [at] Faculty Lecturer
Dyke Stephanie stephanie.dyke [at] Academic Associate
Egorova Ksenia ksenia.egorova [at] Administrative Coordinator
El Helou Janine janine.elhelou [at] Faculty Lecturer
Engert Jamie jamie.engert [at] Associate Member
Ernst Carl carl.ernst [at] Associate Member
Eveleigh Robert robert.eveleigh [at] Bioinformatics Specialist
Farhan Sali sali.farhan [at] Assistant Professor
Fitzpatrick Jennifer jennifer.fitzpatrick [at] Assistant Professor
Foulkes William william.foulkes [at] Professor
Fox Stephanie Joan [at] Faculty Lecturer
Frankel Andras andras.frankel [at] Systems Officer
Gan-Or Ziv ziv.gan-or [at] Assistant Professor
Gauguier Dominique dominique.gauguier [at] Adjunct Professor
Ge Bing [at] Research Assistant
Genest Jacques jacques.genest [at] Associate Member
Gilfix Brian brian.gilfix [at] Associate Member
Gilpin Catherine Anne catherine.gilpin [at] Affiliate Member
Gold Richard richard.gold2 [at] Associate Member
Goldsmith Claire Louise claire.goldsmith [at] Adjunct Professor
Gonzalez Emmanuel emmanuel.gonzalez [at] Bioinformatics Consultant
Gottlieb Bruce bruce.gottlieb [at] Adjunct Professor
Granados Moreno Palmira palmira.granadosmoreno [at] Academic Associate
Grant Audrey audrey.grant [at] Research Associate
Gravel Simon simon.gravel [at] Assistant Professor
Greenwood Celia celia.greenwood [at] Associate Member
Gros Philippe philippe.gros [at] Associate Member
Gupta Indra indra.gupta [at] Associate Member
Guja Alexandru alexandru.guja [at] Systems Specialist Linux
Hagan Julie julie.hagan [at] Research Assistant
Hastings Valerie Ann valerie.hastings [at] Adjunct Professor
Hayes Laura laura.hayes [at] Clincal Care Administrator
Hendy Geoffrey geoffrey.hendy [at] Associate Member
Hernandez Ryan ryan.hernandez [at] Associate Professor
Henrion Edouard edouard.henrion [at] Software Developer
Honeywell Christina [at] Adjunct Professor
Hozyan Rose Marie rose-marie.hozyan [at] Administrator
Jabado Nada nada.jabado [at] Professor
Joly Yann yann.joly [at] Associate Professor
Joober Ridha ridha.joober [at] Associate Member
Joshi Rimi rimi.joshi [at] Student Affairs Administrator
Kleiderman Erika erika.kleiderman [at] Academic Associate
Kleinman Claudia claudia.kleinman [at] Assistant Professor
Knoppers Bartha bartha.knoppers [at] Professor
Koenekoop Robert robert.koenekoop [at] Associate Member
Kuzmin Elena elena.kuzmin [at] Adjunct Professor
Kwan Tony tony.kwan [at] Research Associate
Lalous Maria maria.lalous [at] Faculty Lecturer
Lariviere Line line.lariviere [at] Research Assistant
Lathrop Gregory Mark mark.lathrop [at] Professor
Lavoie Josee josee.lavoie3 [at] Associate Member
Lefebvre Francois francois.lefebvre [at] Bioinformatics Manager
Leveque Gary gary.leveque [at] Bioinformatics Specialist
Lévesque Emmanuelle emmanuelle.levesque [at] Academic Associate
MacKay Ross ross.mackay [at] Student Affairs Advisor
Macrae Lynn lynn.macrae [at] Faculty Lecturer
Majewska Loydie loydie.majewska [at] Associate Professor
Majewski Jacek jacek.majewski [at] Associate Professor
Malo Danielle danielle.malo [at] Professor
Marquis Pascale pascale.marquis2 [at] Bioinformatics Consultant
Mazoure Alexander alexander.mazoure [at] Systems Officer
McInnes Roderick Rowan rod.mcinnes [at] Professor
McQuilkin Terrance terrance.mcquilkin2 [at] IT Systems Manager
Mercier Eloi eloi.mercier [at] Bioinformatics Consultant
Meunier Charles charles.meunier [at] Research Associate
Mitchell John john.mitchell [at] Associate Member
Moffatt Pierre pierre.moffatt [at] Assistant Professor
Montpetit Alexandre alexandre.montpetit [at] Adjunct Professor
Mooser Vincent vincent.mooser [at] Professor
Morrison Shawna shawna.morrison [at] Adjunct Professor
Munter Hans Markus markus.munter [at] Research Associate
Nadon Robert robert.nadon [at] Associate Professor
Naumova Anna anna.naoumova [at] Graduate Program Director & Associate Member
Ngueng Feze Ida ida.nguengfeze [at] Academic Associate
Nguyen Thu Minh thu.nguyen [at] Academic Associate
Olvera Rivera Elena elena.olverarivera2 [at] Communications Administrator
Palma Laura Catherine laura.palma [at] Assistant Professor
Palmour Roberta roberta.palmour [at] Professor
Peterson Alan alan.peterson [at] Associate Member
Phillips Mark mark.phillips2 [at] Academic Associate
Pinsky Leonard leonard.pinsky [at] Emeritus Professor (pre-2009)
Polychronakos Constantin constantin.polychronakos [at] Associate Member
Pouchet Carly Joy carly.pouchet [at] Affiliate Member
Pramatarova Albena albena.pramatarova [at] Research Associate
Rabbani Shafaat shafaat.rabbani [at] Associate Member
Radzioch Danuta danuta.radzioch [at] Professor
Rak Janusz

janusz.rak [at]

Ragoussis Ioannis ioannis.ragoussis [at] Professor
Rauch Frank frank.rauch [at] Associate Member
Revil Timothée timothee.revil [at] Research Associate
Riaz Alhosseini Yasser yasser.riazalhosseini [at] Assistant Professor
Richard Marilyn marilyn.cs.richard [at] Faculty Lecturer
Richard Stephane stephane.richard [at] Associate Member
Richards John Brent brent.richards [at] Associate Professor
Riviere Jean-Baptiste jean-baptiste.riviere [at] Assistant Professor
Rosenblatt David david.rosenblatt [at] Professor
Rouleau Guy guy.rouleau [at] Professor
Rozen Rima rima.rozen [at] Professor
Ruchon Maria Andrea Frota andrea.ruchon [at] Assistant Professor
Russell Laura J laura.russell [at] Associate Professor
Russo Caterina caterina.russo [at] Research Technician
Rutberg Julie julie.rutberg [at] Adjunct Professor
Ryan Aimee aimee.ryan [at] Associate Professor
Saulnier Katie katie.saulnier [at] Academic Associate
Schurr Erwin erwin.schurr [at] Professor
Secord Andrea andrea.secord [at] Affiliate Member
Sénécal Karine karine.senecal [at] Academic Associate
Shao Xiaojian shao.xiaojian [at] Bioinformatics Consultant
Shateri Najafabadi Hamed hamed.najafabadi [at] Assistant Professor
Shoubridge Eric eric.shoubridge [at] Chair & Professor 
Sillon Guillaume guillaume.sillon [at] Faculty Lecturer
Simon Marie-Michelle marie-michelle.simon [at] Research Assistant
Sladek Robert rob.sladek [at] Associate Professor
Slim Rima rima.slim [at] Professor
Smith Erika erika.smith [at] Affiliate Member
Soleimani Vahab vahab.soleimani [at] Assistant Professor
Springer Kandace kandace.springer [at] Operations Manager
Staffa Alfredo alfredo.staffa [at] Academic Associate
St-Arnaud Rene rst-arnaud [at] Professor
Syme Robert robert.syme [at] Bioinformatics Consultant
Tassé Anne Marie anne-marie.tasse [at] Academic Associate
Thomas David david.thomas [at] Associate Member
Thorogood Adrian adrian.thorogood [at] Academic Associate
Thorsen Nadine nadine.thorsen [at] Financial Administrator
Tir Thay Leng Tony thay.tir [at] Research Technician
Tonin Patricia patricia.tonin [at] Professor
Torgerson Dara dara.torgerson [at] Assistent Professor
Trakadis Ioannis yannis.trakadis [at] Assistant Professor
Trasler Jacquetta jacquetta.trasler [at] Professor
Trifiro Mark Anthony mark.trifiro [at] Associate Member
Turecki Gustavo gustavo.turecki [at] Associate Member
Vidal Silvia silvia.vidal [at] Professor
Vinh Donald donald.vinh [at] Associate Member
Walsh Logan

logan.walsh [at]

Assistant Professor
Wang Yu Chang [at] Research Assistant
Watkins David david.watkins [at] Research Associate
Weber Evan evan.Weber [at] Faculty Lecturer
Whelton Laura laura.whelton [at] Faculty Lecturer
Wong Nora nora.wong [at] Faculty Lecturer
Yamanaka Yojiro yojiro.yamanaka [at] Assistant Professor
Zaor Sonya sonya.zaor [at] Faculty Lecturer
Zawati Ma'n Hilmi man.zawati [at] Assistant Professor
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