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A McGill Best Practice - It's all about the dialogue.

This graphic illustrates the 3 step cycle of the Performance Dialogue at McGill: (1) Planning the Performance, (2) Monitoring the Performance, and (3) Assessing the Performance.

The components of individual work objectives, the behavioral competencies and the development plan are common elements in all three steps, however, the way they are dealt with in each cycle step is unique.

The Performance Dialogue Training is provided to you through two complimentary methods. Firstly, through this online presentation to which you learn the basic language and concepts of Performance Dialogue and secondly in person, where, after you have completed the viewing of this presentation, you may attend several in-person sessions offered by Organizational Development to address any additional  questions you may have.

To find out more about the in-person sessions offered by Organizational Development, please visit our training calendar on our website at www.mcgill.ca/hr

Performance Dialogue Videos

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Performance dialogue [March 2015]

Introduction to performance dialogue

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Step I- Planning the performance

Part I | Part II | Part III

Step II- Monitoring the performance

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Step III- Appraising the performance

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