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Coaching for employee engagement

In Organizational Development, we work with supervisors to help them provide their employees with what is most effective in terms of structure, degree of supervision/delegation, feedback, etc. Formal and informal dialogue is encouraged throughout the year to ensure clarity around the task, potential challenges encountered, developmental needs, recognition, and sense of contribution.

Under certain circumstances, supervisors need to actively "coach for performance".

Coaching for employee engagement can involve:

  • Coaching for development, when striving to develop a new competency or taking on a new responsibility;
  • Coaching for improvement, remedial interventions addressing a performance issue or inappropriate behavior.

Coaching addresses both "what" the employee is being asked to do, and "how" the employee is expected to do it. The latter includes attitude on-the-job, interpersonal skills, adaptability, etc.

The Behavioural Competencies provide a framework and common language for addressing those all too often intangibles that make the difference! We ask that you become familiar with these competencies and explain the expectation for each of your employees during the planning phase of the Performance Dialogue.

Employees and supervisors must explore and agree upon 1 to 2 competencies that would be most valuable to enhance the employee’s performance, job satisfaction, and career aspirations. Supervisors must also acknowledge competencies that the employee demonstrates particularly well by providing specific examples.

Organizational Development offers a one-day “Coaching for employee engagement” workshop to support supervisors in these two forms of coaching;

For assistance, supervisors can also contact the Organizational Development team.