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Performance management

Managing performance translates in the effective management of both people and processes.  Knowing and understanding the resources available to enhance effectiveness is critical to the success of our employees, our teams and our institution.

An important best-practice at McGill is its Performance Dialogue Process, currently adapted to the management and coaching of employees in the M category. 

The two-fold process looks at planning/assessment and employee development.

Key components that inform Performance Dialogue are relevant, in a broader sense, to the needs of all employees:

  • Clarity around roles, responsibilities and expectations (what is expected and how one is expected to undertake one's work, e.g. interpersonal skills, etc.)
  • Understanding of how one’s role links to the success of the unit’s priorities, and to the University’s Mission
  • Dialogue/feedback on performance throughout the year (positive reinforcement, developmental and remedial)
  • Recognition of employee contribution and encouragement toward continuous learning, with sensitivity to work context.

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