Strike update: Strike is over


Published: 5Dec2011

Message from Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

I am very pleased to report that MUNACA members have voted 71.5 per cent in favour of a five-year collective agreement, which puts an end to what has been a long and challenging strike.

Being able to negotiate a five-year agreement instead of a three-year contract allowed us the necessary flexibility to both satisfy the Government of Quebec’s salary policy over the next three years, and meet many of the union’s demands.

We are glad we were able to accomplish what we set out to do: negotiate a collective agreement that is fair, realistic and sustainable in the context of the University’s financial situation.

We look forward to having service levels and hours of operation return to normal progressively. We encourage students seeking services to continue to consult the McGill website at over the coming days.

Staff members who have questions about the reintegration of our colleagues are invited to consult a series of relevant questions and answers at or discuss any concern with their immediate superior.

We are delighted to be welcoming our colleagues back to work beginning tomorrow and we look forward to a new year full of promise and accomplishment.