Strike update: A pause in negotiations


Published: 14Nov2011

A message from Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

Negotiations with MUNACA/PSAC for a new collective agreement took place on Friday. This was the 17th meeting since the strike began on September 1. At the end of a long day, the conciliator advised both sides to take a break from the table for a while. There were significant discussions on such key issues as pensions, benefits and premiums, but the parties remain far apart on wages. At this point, no specific dates have been set for a resumption of talks.

We have always known that these would be challenging negotiations, given the fact that the university is working under constraints, such as a $6-million budget deficit, the Quebec government’s salary policy, and the agreements negotiated with six other McGill unions.

Please be assured that we will not rest in our effort to find a settlement as quickly as possible. The administration wants an end to this strike as much as anyone at McGill. To that end, the University made significant changes in its positions on a number of issues during the course of the negotiations – as has the union.

We are exploring a number of options open to us in terms of resolving the issues. We will keep you posted, to the extent that we can, on what we are doing and how well it is working.