Organizational & Staff Development News Time for Performance Dialogue!


Published: 10Jun2008

The time has come - to discuss and appraise achievements of M staff members for the 2007/2008 reference year and to set objectives for the coming year.

The University senior management team strongly believes in the value of continuously measuring performance and competencies and using best practice management processes. Performance Dialogue is a communication process, involving far more than simply conducting an annual performance review. It is a prime opportunity for a staff member and his/her immediate supervisor to engage in a meaningful discussion about achievements and competency development.

Performance Dialogue invites us to:

· Focus on what is important to achieve during the coming year;

· Provide feedback on past performance so that staff members know whether/how much progress has been achieved; and

· Create opportunities to provide employee recognition and reinforce appropriate performance.

Effective Performance Dialogue involves a partnership between supervisors and staff members. Feedback and coaching are essential to its success.

To facilitate the discussion between the staff member and the immediate supervisor, we have revised and simplified the format of the Performance Dialogue form.

The form is now presented in 2 defined steps; Planning for Performance (Section A), which is used at the beginning of the reference period (June) to define works objectives and establish development priorities, and Appraising Performance (Section B), which is used at the end of the reference year to review achievements and assess results.

The revised form is now posted on the Human Resources website at:

In an effort to further enhance the process, HR will be conducting focus groups in the fall with representatives from the M group community. When the opportunity arises, we hope you will participate.

Performance management with competency assessment can appear complicated, until demystified. To better prepare participants for this critical process, O&SD offers half-day information sessions to M staff members and 1-day (also offered in 2 half-day) workshop to supervisors of M staff members. Talk to your immediate supervisor or to the HR professional of your faculty to organize such sessions for your unit/department. Some administrative units, such as the CIO Office, Facilities Development and Financial Services, have recently taken the initiative of organizing information sessions and workshops for their management staff and professionals.