Management Staff and Staff in positions excluded from the MUNACA bargaining unit


Published: 1Oct2008


To: Management Staff and Staff in positions excluded from the MUNACA bargaining unit


Commitment to a Three Year Salary Policy


We are pleased to announce that the HR Committee of the Board of Governors has approved a Salary Policy for the years 2008-2010 as follows:

    • 2008-09: Total salary increase budget of 3%.
    • 2009-10: Total salary increase budget of 3%
    • 2010-11: Total salary increase budget of 3.5%


The commitment to a three year policy is made in a context of considerable financial constraint. McGill, along with all other Quebec universities, has been directed by the MELS to achieve a balanced budget by the fiscal year 2010-11. As a first step in achieving this objective, the University has committed to reduce our annual operating deficit from $17M in 2007-08 to $10M in 2008-09. Further reductions will be required in the operating budget during the next two fiscal years in order to meet our target of a balanced budget. McGill is making every possible effort to achieve these objectives without reductions in personnel. McGill University is committed to investing in its managerial and professional staff. Thus, despite these constraints, the above increases are in line with industry forecasts benchmarked for public and private sectors.

.Further details regarding the 2008-09 Salary Policy implementation will be provided early next week.


Revised M Compensation Framework


We are also pleased to report that HR has concluded its analysis and review of the M Compensation structure. A recommendation was prepared for a compensation structure which appropriately aligns our salary scale with the market and addresses many of the issues which have been raised in the McGill community. The revised structure was approved by the HR Committee of the Board of Governors and will be implemented effective December 1, 2008. This implementation will mark the completion of the first phase of our in-depth review of M Compensation at McGill.


On November 3, at Management Forum, I will provide an overview of the vision and strategy for M Compensation at McGill. During the month of November, representatives from HR will meet with staff across the campus to present the revised structure. The dates and venues for these sessions will be announced shortly.

In the coming months the University will continue its work with the Management Compensation Workgroup to develop the appropriate tools, guidelines and policies to support the revised structure.

As part of this process, and in alignment with the University’s objective of building and supporting a performance based culture, HR is presently conducting a series of focus groups with cross sections of the University to examine current practices and areas for improvement related to the entire performance dialogue process.

As always, we will continue to advise you of our progress.





Lynne B. Gervais, CHRP, ICD.D

Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)