Management Compensation Workgroup update


Published: 17Mar2008

The Management Compensation Workgroup, comprising four University and four MUNASA representatives, continues to meet regularly.

Progress to date

The group has now agreed on the role profiles to be benchmarked. Eighteen (18) role profiles have been identified covering the full spectrum of job families and levels. These profiles were identified on the basis of criteria such as number of incumbents, attraction or retention issues, and ease of comparability to similar or equivalent positions on the market. The reference data for this benchmarking exercise is as follows: global Canadian data – all industries, global Canadian – not-for-profit, public & para-public organizations, Montreal data – all industries.

With respect to the Student Affairs (SAF) job family, and due to the specific nature of these jobs, the group has identified four (4) of the most representative profiles, based on the same criteria as above. These role profiles will be benchmarked against the following market: G13, Concordia University, Dawson College, John Abbott College, Vanier College and Champlain College.

Two consulting firms have been retained to complete this exercise in order to ensure that we have sufficient data to analyze the M compensation structure's competitiveness and design, and provide appropriate recommendations for improvement. As the Hay evaluation method was adopted as part of the University's pay equity program, and is a foundation of our compensation programs, the Hay Group was selected as one of the firms. Normandin-Beaudry/Hewitt was also selected, based on the firm's extensive access to local and national data.

Next steps

Results of the Benchmarking surveys are expected by mid to end of March. The next steps for the Workgroup will be to analyze the results against the University's current M compensation structure and discuss potential improvements if warranted.

We will continue to keep you informed as our work progresses.

Lynne B. Gervais, CHRP, ICD.D, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)