Management Compensation Workgroup update


Published: 15Feb2008

The Management Compensation Workgroup, comprising four University and four MUNASA representatives, continues to meet regularly.


The Committee has agreed on the following mandate:

  • To define the reference market for "M" staff positions;
  • benchmark the main positions against the reference market to validate the University's competitive positioning;
  • review current salary structure and provide recommendations for improvement;
  • provide recommendations for a 3-year salary policy based on market best practices and University competitive positioning; and
  • discuss pay for performance model for "M" staff.

Progress to Date

As regards market data on salary policy, the group has agreed to use specific data from the University of Montreal and Laval University, overall data from the G13, as well as overall data for Montreal as provided by major HR consulting firms, as references in the development of recommendations for the University.

The group is presently working on identifying the most representative roles within each job family to be used as benchmarks to review the University's competitive positioning. The reference markets for this benchmark exercise have been defined as follows: global Canadian data – all industries, global Canadian – not-for-profit organizations, Montreal data – all industries.

With respect to the Student Affairs (SAF) job family, the group has agreed on a somewhat different approach, due to the very specific nature of these jobs. The group will identify the most representative roles within the job family and benchmark these roles specifically against the university/colleges market across Canada.

We will continue to keep you informed as our work progresses.

Lynne B. Gervais, CHRP, ICDD, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)