Management Compensation Workgroup Update


Published: 1Jul2008

Human Resources is continuing its in-depth review of total compensation for the management group. A workgroup composed of representatives of MUNASA and Human Resources was established last winter to review and formulate recommendations regarding the salary structure and the salary policy for M staff.

Progress to date:

During the past four months, the focus of the workgroup has been primarily on validating the competitive positioning of the salary structure for M staff.

  1. We identified a total of twenty-one role profiles, covering the full spectrum of job families and levels, to be benchmarked against similar positions on the market.
    These role profiles were selected on the basis of criteria such as number of incumbents, attraction and/or retention issues and ease of comparability.
  2. Two consulting firms, the Hay Group and Normandin-Beaudry were selected to conduct the benchmarking exercise. The reference markets for this exercise are as follows:

· global Canadian – all industries;

·global Canadian – not-for-profit, public and para-public organizations;

· Montreal – all industries.

· The reference market for the four role profiles in the SAF family is the G-13, Concordia University, Dawson College, John Abbott College, Vanier College and Champlain College.

  1. Preliminary data was provided by the consulting firms in mid-April and subsequently shared with the members of the Management Compensation Workgroup. Following further research and validation, both firms recently submitted their final findings.
  2. We are presently reviewing the data and analyzing the results against the current M Compensation structure at McGill. Preliminary results of this analysis were recently presented to one of the MUNASA workgroup representatives. A more detailed review will be undertaken shortly with all members of the workgroup.

Next Steps

  • Develop recommendations for adjustments to the M salary structure.
  • Continuation of discussions regarding salary policy.

We will continue to keep you informed as our work progresses.

Lynne B. Gervais, CHRP, ICD.D

Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)