HR Notes - Staff Development News - Fall 2006


Published: 8Sep2006

NEW THIS FALL - Intermediate and advanced workshops in written French (Hurry! Last placement test September 11); Supervisors' Health & Safety Responsibility; ABC's of Payroll, Payment & Finance Interface; first in a new luncheon series: Ergonomics in the Workplace.

AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ON PSYCHOLOGICAL HARASSMENT - The Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office is launching an Awareness Campaign this fall. Many activities, such as a theatrical presentation, are planned for the week of October 23. Staff Development and other groups are collaborating on these important events. See calendar:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INFO SESSIONS - This, our first integrated training program, is a 20-course structured development program for new and recently appointed supervisors. First groups almost halfway through, new groups to begin soon. Come to a one-hour information session Oct. 18 or Nov. 2.

FAVOURITES - Courses in Leadership, Customer Service, Conflict Management, Time Management, Project Management, Presentation Skills, Interviewing Skills and many more. Course modules have been restructured to clarify and manage the ever-growing workshop list; see PDF for details.

FINANCE, SOFTWARE, SECURITY, HEALTH & SAFETY COURSES - Registration for all these courses is available on the Staff Development website. Some courses have a cost. Sign up today!

DEVELOPMENT TIP - When it comes to training activities, planning and follow-up are as important as the event itself. First, identify, discuss, and prioritize development needs, then plan training. To ensure the best result, be sure all parties understand the need and the value that training can provide. Finally, review the workshop. See how to apply what you've learned. Discuss it with your supervisor and your colleagues.

An important request from Staff Development:

1. Please arrive on time and stay for the duration of the workshop. This is a question of courtesy and commitment. Group dynamics and workshop facilitation are disrupted by late arrivals and early departures. Please make special arrangements to meet your needs and respect this important training requirement. Thank you.

An important offer from Staff Development:

2. Meeting your needs is our priority. If your needs or your team's needs are not met by the courses that we offer, please contact us to discuss specifics. Customized training is available. We may be able to suggest alternatives. Logistics can also be flexible. We are here for you!

For specific Staff Development questions or requests, please contact Sophie F. Marcil, Staff Development Manager (ext. 2303, sophie.marcil [at] For general information, please contact Sharon Webb (ext. 2620, sharon.webb [at] or Caroline Gardner (ext. 4205, caroline.gardner [at]

Robert Savoie, Executive Director