HR Notes - Salary Policies


Published: 17Aug2006

We are pleased to confirm the following salary policies for 2006:

1. Members of the MUNACA bargaining unit

In accordance with article 24 of the collective agreement, the salary scales and salaries of all eligible employees will be increased by two percent (2%) on December 1, 2006. Eligible employees will also receive 2.5% automatic progression, subject to scale maxima. An employee must forego automatic progression once in order to compensate for summer Fridays (article 23.11).

2. Management staff and staff in positions excluded from the MUNACA bargaining unit

Salary policy for management staff and staff in positions excluded from the MUNACA bargaining unit is as follows:

An across-the-board increase of 1.75% with some restrictions for staff above their new scale maximum; salary scales will be increased by 2%.

A merit component representing on average 2.75%;

An increase of salary scale minimums from 74% to 75% of the salary scale maximum.


a. Salary Scale Increase

(i) Salary increases are effective December 1, 2006 and will be reflected on the pay cheques of December 15, 2006.

(ii) In order to be eligible for the across-the-board increase, employees must be active regular employees at the time of implementation, i.e., December 1, 2006.

(iii) In accordance with the Salary Administration Policy, employees who are at or above the salary scale maximum for their grade will receive:

• 1.75% across the board increase, if their salary is at the salary scale maximum, since their salary scale maximum will move upward by 2%.

• 1.75% across the board increase, if their salary is above the scale maximum, limited to the greater amount of:

one-half (1/2) of the applicable increase or the amount that would bring their salary up to the new salary scale maximum for their grade. In the event that an across the board increase is limited due to this circumstance, the balance of the across the board increase will be paid as a non-base one-time lump sum.

(iv) An employee whose salary scale is secured will receive the salary scale increase applied to their existing salary scale maximum, subject to the criteria outlined above.

(v) An employee who held a management term appointment and who is a regular employee at the date of implementation (December 1, 2006) is eligible to receive the applicable increase, subject to the salary scale maxima criteria outlined above.

This salary policy does not apply to employees hired as management term employees under the Temporary Employment Policy.

b. Merit Distribution

The reference period for the award of merit is June 1, 2005 to May 31, 2006. An employee must have been at work at least sixty (60) working days during the reference period. Distribution of merit is in accordance with the staff member's level of performance.

There are six (6) levels of performance:

Exceptional performance

Excellent performance

Quality performance

Performance requires improvement (year 1)

Performance requires improvement (year 2)

Unacceptable performance

The total number of staff members in the "Exceptional performance" and "Excellent performance" categories is limited to thirty percent (30%). Recommendations for merit must be reviewed by the appropriate Senior Administrative Head.

The schedule and guidelines for merit distribution will be published shortly.

Any questions concerning salary policy should be addressed to Salary Administration (Johanne Bellefleur at 2681 or Jérôme Fradette at 1558).