HR Notes - Organizational and Staff Development - Winter Session 2007


Published: 7Feb2007

THE WINTER SESSION IS ON - Access our calendar.

NEW WORKSHOP - Understanding and Adapting to Others - Your DISC Profile. This one-day workshop will help bring out the best in yourself and show you ways to make your relationships with others even more productive. This workshop is a prerequisite for other staff training workshops. Please consult our new course calendar for additional information.

MCGILL 2000+ ACTIVITIES - We are pleased to advise you that the McGill 2000+ group is now part of the Human Resources Department under the Organizational & Staff Development unit. For more information on their services, we invite you to visit their website or contact Sophie Marcil (ext. 2303, sophie.marcil [at] (email)) or Ernest Kinney (ext. 2000, ernie.kinney [at] (email)).

ERGONOMICS - In cooperation with the Environmental Health and Safety group, we are introducing workshops and information sessions on ergonomic-related topics. With growing concern about the effects of inappropriate posture at your workstation, we are introducing two training activities: 1) A three-hour workshop for managers to identify risk factors and potential solutions, and 2) A one-hour lunchtime session providing an overview of good habits to improve your posture. Register for either the workshop or the session on the Staff Development website.

Additional announcements

Important information:
New to our group and committed to providing you excellent services: Anna Coscia, Administrative Coordinator; Kathryn Lamantia, Secretary; Randa Awad, Administrative Coordinator (McGill 2000+); and Ernest Kinney, Facilitator (McGill 2000+). Please join me in welcoming them all!

Important reminder:
As you are probably aware, units other than Staff Development utilize the web registration system. Therefore, it is important that the appropriate contact person be contacted when additional information is required. Please consult the contact list on the Staff Development website.

Important request:
Late arrivals and early departures disrupt group dynamics and workshop facilitation. Therefore, we respectfully request that you make every effort to be on time and to commit to the entire duration of the workshop.

Key contacts:
For general information, please contact Anna Coscia at extension 2620 or via anna.coscia [at] (email), or Kathryn Lamantia at extension 4205 or via [at] (email) or again, Staff Development via [at] (email). For specific Staff Development questions or requests, please contact Sophie F. Marcil, Manager, Organizational & Staff Development, at extension 2303 or via sophie.marcil [at] (email).

Thank you,

Lynne B. Gervais, CHRP, ICDD
Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)