HR Notes - Distribution of Merit, guidelines for implementation


Published: 23Oct2005

Performance evaluations must be completed for all employees for the period under review and this evaluation must be documented. If you have not already had your performance dialogue discussions with your team members, page 2 of the Performance Dialogue Form [Word document] presents a template that can be used for this purpose. The Assessment Guidelines for the Award of Merit document [PDF] may assist you in discussing the recommended merit category with employees.

The merit model provides for six (6) levels of performance, ranging from "Exceptional" to "Unacceptable." The "Exceptional" and "Surpasses Expectations" categories are limited to thirty percent (30%) of employees. Merit recommendations must be forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty or senior administrative head. Written justification must be provided for recommendations in the "Exceptional" and "Surpasses Expectations" categories.

It is important that employees evaluated as "Requiring Improvement" (year 1) are provided with a written performance improvement development plan.

1. Guidelines

  • The reference period is June 1, 2004, to May 31, 2005. In order to be eligible for the merit increase, an employee must have been in a regular M position (or a position excluded from the MUNACA bargaining unit) at least sixty (60) working days during the reference period.
  • A base lump sum merit award is attributed to each level of performance within a salary grade, in accordance with the attached matrix.
  • An employee who is at or above their salary scale maximum will be eligible for a non-base merit award. It is to be noted that the University and the employee will make contributions to the pension plan on this amount.
  • Employees with a secured "M" classification who are appointed to a position in the MUNACA bargaining unit are eligible for the merit award.
  • A member of the MUNACA bargaining unit who was promoted to a management ("M") position during the reference period is eligible for the merit award (subject to the 60 working days rule).
  • A member of the MUNACA bargaining unit temporarily assigned to a management "M" position or an excluded C, T, or LA position is not eligible.

In order to compensate for the summer Friday program, the merit award for newly hired employees who are eligible will be reduced by two percent (2%) of the employee's salary after the scale increase. In the event that an employee has insufficient merit to compensate for the summer Friday program, the outstanding balance will be carried forward to the next merit exercise.

The merit distribution policy does not apply to employees hired into management ("M") term positions.

2. General Information

  • Minerva will be available on Friday, October 21, 2005, for the input of merit recommendations. Entries on Minerva must be completed by November 4, 2005.
  • Approval at the Vice-Principal level must be completed by November 18, 2005.
  • Under no circumstances should employees be informed of their merit award until final approval has been given by the Department of Human Resources.
  • Salary increases are effective December 1 and will be reflected in the pay cheques of December 15, 2005.

We are pleased to announce that this year, employees will also be able to view their salary confirmation on Minerva, under the Employee Menu. Salary confirmation letters will not be issued.

Any questions concerning merit distribution should be addressed to Salary Administration (Johanne Bellefleur at 2681 or Tanya Neitzert at 8699).