Benefits update


Published: 19Dec2005

1. Supplemental Health and Dental Plans

In its annual review, the Staff Benefits Advisory Committee evaluates the plans with a view to ensure that they are kept current and competitive with other plans. We are pleased to announce that there will be improvements to the Health Plan effective January 1, 2006.

The improvements are as follows:

Health Plan

1. Psychological Services: the services of social workers will be included as eligible for reimbursement. The maximum remains at $1,000 per benefit year, and there is still the requirement for a doctor's referral.

2. Anti-obesity Drugs: the prescription drugs Xenical and Meridia will be included as eligible expenses under the plan up to a lifetime maximum of $2,400.

3. Insulin Pumps: these will be covered up to one per member per lifetime, and will require pre-approval by Manulife. Related supplies will also be covered.

4. Emergency Travel Assistance: the number of days per trip will increase from 60 to 90 days.

5. The services performed by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or certified athletic therapist will no longer require a doctor's referral.

The contributions for 2005 for both the Health and Dental Plans were sufficient to cover the claims experience for the year. Nonetheless, increases are required to cover the future claims experience, inflationary trends in the costs of health and dental care, and plan improvements.

The SBAC has recommended that the rates for the Supplemental Health Plan and Dental Plan increase in 2006. The University has accepted their recommendation. The new MONTHLY contribution rates for employees and pensioners, effective January 1, 2006, will be as follows:

Health Dental
Single $31.00 $18.00
Family $61.00 $40.00
January 1, 2006
Single $33.50 $19.00
Family $66.00 $42.50
Plus 9% sales tax for Quebec residents

As always, the University will match these contribution rates.

2. Long Term Disability Plan

The results of the analysis of this Plan indicate that the current premiums are sufficient to cover the costs associated with the claims experience. Therefore, the current rate of $0.84 per $100 of monthly earnings will remain in effect for 2006.

3. Group Life Insurance Plan

We are pleased to announce that due to favourable experience, there will be a decrease in some of the rates under the Optional Life Insurance Plan. The rates effective January 2006 are as follows:

Optional life Insurance Monthly Rates
20-34 $0.036
35-39 $0.045
40-44 $0.063
45-49 $0.099
50-54 $0.171
55-59 $0.295
60-64 $0.361
65-69 $0.680
70-74 $1.130
75-79 $1.760
80-84 $2.830
85-89 $4.520
90-94 $7.110
95+ $9.240

Any questions concerning the above should be addressed to the Benefits Office at 398-4900.

Robert Savoie
Executive Director
Human Resources