20010-11 Salary Increase Implementation: Executives, Management Staff and Staff in positions excluded from the MUNACA bargaining unit


Published: 6May2011

2010-11 Salary Increase Implementation:
The 2010-11 Salary Policy is comprised of a total salary increase budget of 3.5%.
Salary increase implementation guidelines provide for a minimum increase of 1% for all staff meeting the requirements of their job.
McGill is strongly committed to investing in its executive, management and professional staff. We firmly believe that the University’s success is in large part due to their hard work and dedication. In line with our efforts to build and support a performance based culture, the Salary Policy provides for the fair and equitable recognition of all staff who make a sustained positive contribution to the University, while at the same time providing the flexibility to reward those staff members whose contributions and achievements consistently exceed expectations Units will be provided with a salary increase envelope equal to 3.5 % of eligible salaries within their unit. Staff may be rated according to one of five categories as defined below. There is no limitation to the number of staff who may be rated in any single category, although units may not exceed their salary increase envelope.
Salary increases are effective June 1, 2011 and will be reflected on the pay of June 15, 2011.

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