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BANNER is the current HR system used at the University. It collects a large amount of current historical data on employees and pensioners.

BANNER HRIS is the integrated HR and Payroll system implemented in January 2002. This HR/Payroll package is one of a suite of integrated systems (HR, Finance, and Student Records) which is used by McGill.

MINERVA is a web-based program that all McGill employees and students have access to and is a starting point for providing query access to information based on the employee or student's role at the University. For most employees, this includes viewing pay statements, job information, merit increase information, and tax form information.

EXTENDER is a program that is used to view documents that have been scanned in by HR staff (there are no paper employee files). Items are either linked in Minerva to certain documents viewable in Extender or viewing of employee files directly can be performed in Extender

To request Banner HR, POPS, Xtender, Minerva and/or Nakisa(org chart modeler) please click here.