A wide range of services

Check out the wide range of services available to you online ... from obtaining an ID card to getting your pay stub and much more.

You can also easily access information about the status of your pension plan on a regular basis by accessing "my account" under "Pensions".

You can make changes to your personal records or you can click on any number of links for more information about you as an employee. 

Our Service Centre will guide you through the maze of forms and procedures to follow if your are new to McGill or if you have questions about things like your benefits.  By calling 514-398-4747, you will find the answer.


When searching on the website, we often ask ourselves “how do I” access information about a specific program, look for a form, or find the right person to contact in HR.

The following “how do I …” should help in your search for the most common items you look for on the HR website.