Staffing policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that competent candidates are selected to fill new and vacant regular positions and to give all internal candidates (regular non-unionized administrative and support staff) priority.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all regular non-unionized administrative and support staff with the exception of University Executives ("E").

3. Selection Policy

3.1 All internal candidates who meet the requirements of the position, as posted, will be considered and granted an interview.

3.2 Internal candidates with Employment Security, who are temporarily without an appointment and other internal candidates who have been given notice of layoff will be granted first priority, if they meet the minimum requirements, in filling posted positions.

4. Position Postings

4.1 All vacant and newly created regular positions shall be posted for a minimum of ten (10) working days from the date indicated on the posting notice.

4.2 All internal candidates must apply within ten (10) working days from the date indicated on the posting notice in order to be granted priority under article 3.

4.3 The following groups of employees may be offered a regular position without that position being posted:

a)      Regular non-unionized administrative and support staff being transferred or promoted within a Faculty, Department or Unit, and/or those who have been given notice of lay off, whether they have employment security or not;

b)      External candidates fully paid through research funds arriving with a Researcher or having worked with a Researcher at the same laboratory;

c)      Candidates fully paid through research funds who have a term position being changed  to a regular position;

4.4 Positions are not considered vacant for reasons of maternity leave, sick leave, vacation or other authorized absences.

4.5 Available positions are posted on the Working@McGill website. Information contained in the postings will include:

  1. position title
  2. job family
  3. role profile and grade
  4. salary scale
  5. minimum requirements
  6. supervisor's title
  7. summary of responsibilities
  8. date of posting

5. Internal Candidates

5.1 Staff members who wish to be considered for a new or vacant regular position must apply, within the deadline stipulated in clause 4.2, by submitting their curriculum vitae to the office indicated on the posting notice. Staff members are eligible to apply for new and vacant regular positions, without regard to the length of their employment with the University, as long as they have successfully completed their probationary or trial period.

5.2 All internal candidates must be notified in writing (letter or email) of the selection decision and the reasons they were not offered the position.

6. Trial/Probationary Period

6.1 Staff members who are transferred or promoted will have a trial period of fixed duration in the new position. Unless otherwise specified, this trial period will be thirty (30) working days, but in no circumstances should exceed ninety (90) working days. If this trial period is not satisfactorily completed, the staff member will return to their original position, corresponding salary and working conditions, without prejudice. This return may be initiated by either the staff member or the department head.

6.2 The position from which the staff member has been promoted or transferred will not be filled permanently until the trial period has been completed.

6.3 The probationary period for newly hired staff in all positions except those in role profile level 3 and above is ninety (90) working days, exclusive of holidays, vacations, leaves of absence and sick leave. The probationary period for newly hired staff in positions in role profile level 3 and above is six (6) calendar months.

6.4 In instances where a supervisor states the incumbent is not performing the entire job, but makes a positive assessment of the employee's potential or if the supervisor deems that he/she needs additional time to assess the employee’s performance, he/she may recommend an extension of the probationary period of not more than an additional sixty (60) working days. The employee must be informed of this extension and the Probationary Review form should be returned to the Staffing Section of Human Resources, advising them of the extension of the probationary period. Prior to the end of the extended probationary period, a final performance review must take place.

7. External Candidates

Qualified candidates from outside the University may be considered by the recruiting Faculty/Department/Unit for new or vacant regular positions once regular non-unionized administrative and support staff have been considered and it is demonstrated that none meet the requirements of the position.

8. Developmental Assignments

An employee who has completed his/her probationary period and who has been accepted by a Faculty, Department or Unit that has a requirement for a developmental assignment of one (1) year or more cannot be refused permission to accept the assignment by his/her Faculty, Department or Unit without just and sufficient cause.

9. Dispute

The application of this policy will be disputable when a regular non-unionized administrative and support staff believes he/she met the requirements of the position and an external candidate was selected.

10. Restrictions

It is the policy of the University to avoid employment of relatives and close family members in the same work group or in a Faculty, Department or Unit where the employee would be under the supervision or direction of a relative or close family member, subject to the provisions of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. See also the Conflict of Interest policy.


Effective March 1, 2004

Revised June 1, 2014

Last Revised June 1, 2017

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