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Employee Guide – Return to campus

What to know as you prepare to resume on-campus work: a quick reference

Has your manager reached out to you about returning to campus? Here is what you need to know.  

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Before you go 

Should I go?

  • Has your manager talked to you about returning?
    • If not, please continue to work from home. On-campus work remains limited, in accordance with public health directives. 
  • Does your health allow?
    • If you are immunocompromised or otherwise high-risk, read this.
    • If you have symptoms, do not go to campus. More here.

What do I need to do first?



Don’t forget

Your McGill ID card! Check which access category your building is in and ensure you have permission to enter. Access is granted by your Faculty or Unit.


On your way

How should I get there?

  • If you prefer to drive and have a vehicle, you can request on-campus parking at 50% of the usual rates. 
  • If you bike, there are 200 bicycle racks across campus, or you are eligible for a Bixi discount.
  • If you take public transportation, it is recommended to wear a mask and to practice distancing.


When you arrive

Where do I go?

  • Go to the main entrance of your building. The number of access points to each building has been reduced.
  • These Re-Occupancy Guides from Facilities will help you picture what to expect in the buildings in Category 1 (Fully Managed Access).

What will be different?

  • Security representatives are posted at the entrances to buildings in Category 1 (Fully Managed Access) to ensure that everyone:
  • Inside the building, you will see signage guiding the flow of foot traffic for physical distancing.




While you’re there

How will things be set up to ensure safety?

  • The University has established a cleaning protocol of common public spaces and high touch areas.
  • Building Services has increased cleaning. These surfaces are cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours.
  • Each Faculty and Unit will coordinate shifts and workspace reorganization. Speak with your manager to discuss the plan for your area.

What should I do differently?

  • Practice prevention measures, including frequent hand washing, social distancing and any other requirements specific to your work area.
  • Avoid sharing supplies and spending extended time in common areas.
  • While most meetings will continue to take place remotely, in person meetings are allowed with the proper measures (distancing, face coverings).



What if I start to feel sick at work?

  • Physically isolate yourself, quickly inform your supervisor, and follow this procedure.


Before you leave 


For further questions, consult the McGill Coronavirus FAQs, HR COVID FAQs and/or your manager. 

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