In this section of the website, you will find information on compensation practices, policies and procedures. From reviewing job descriptions in administrative units to administering the salary policies of all employee groups, we provide expertise in all areas relating to your compensation package.

We also conduct benchmarking and market comparison analyses to ensure that our offering is competitive with similar organizations. Most of our work relates to administrative and support staff. 

Academics should go to the Academic Personnel Office website for salary information.

All unionized employees should check their collective agreement for information relating to their compensation package.

Part of the information we post in this section is internally focused and requires logging in to a restricted site.

For information relating to compensation, here are some useful links :

Getting paid 

Here, you will find information on payroll frequency, pay schedules and more. 

Tax slips

The university produces more than 20,000 tax slips every year for employees to file their individual tax returns to the government by April 30th. To obtain tax slips, you can click here.

Pay stubs

Pay stubs are available online. They provide all the information employees need to know about deductions made on their paycheck

More information about employee records and about getting paid is available by clicking here.

Temporary alternative work arrangements (TAWA)

We organize temporary alternative work arrangements (TAWA) that offer flexibility in meeting departmental and employee needs. These arrangements are usually for a period of 12 months and certain rules apply.  To find out more, click here and scroll down to Compensation.  

Position matches and rematches

Position match

The need for a new position is determined by a faculty, department or unit.  Approval and budget must be confirmed before a new position can be created.  Before submitting a request to Total Compensation for a new position, a verification should be made to make sure there are no vacant positions available in the unit to avoid duplication of positions.

Position rematch

A rematch refers to a change to an existing position. The existing position number is used. Request for a position rematch may be possible if there is a significant change in the scope, nature, duties and responsibilities of the position.

For more information on position matches and rematches, click here and scroll down to Compensation forms. Different forms are used for different categories of employment.