Update on session in conciliation with McGill course lecturers


Published: 20Dec2013

The university met with McGill course lecturers and instructors on December 18, 2013. This was the third session in the presence of the government-appointed conciliator. These discussions were conducted on an exploratory basis, in view of finding solutions to the elements considered to be most important and of the highest priority. These include:  a hiring priority points system, the selection process, the number of courses allocated to lecturers, and a reserved clause (reserved courses to be allocated to graduate students). 

At the end of the December 16 session, the union announced its intention to file a document presenting its position on all unreserved issues, and did so at the December 18 meeting. No meetings are planned between now and the end of this year, but three additional meetings were agreed to in early 2014.

At the start of negotiations, the parties agreed on publishing the following statement, to be included on all bargaining updates: “The University and the union jointly recognize the importance of informing the McGill community of our progress in negotiations. While we may have different positions on some issues, we are both committed to finding common ground. We have agreed to provide a link to the other party’s bargaining updates along with each of ours”. To find the corresponding update from the other party click here

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