Update on negotiations with Floor Fellows


Published: 10Nov2015

On Monday, November 9, McGill formally filed for government arbitration in the ongoing negotiations with Floor Fellows, represented by AMUSE.

This follows more than a year of negotiations which have so far produced no agreement on key issues. Negotiations began in October 2014, and the parties met seven times before AMUSE requested a government-appointed conciliator in May. Since May, the parties have met eight further times with the conciliator present, with no significant progress made. McGill has committed to remaining at the negotiating table and taking part in scheduled meetings in the presence of the appointed Conciliator on December 14 and 16. It remains possible that progress may be made before the government provides an arbitrator (likely in December or January).

Like government-appointed conciliators, arbitrators work to help parties negotiate mutually acceptable solutions. The key difference is that when an arbitrator deems negotiations stalled, and determines that further agreement is impossible, she/he is empowered to eventually impose a legally binding resolution deemed lawful and fair to both parties.