Talks with SEU on incidental illnesses

Published: 28 February 2014

At the February 5, 2014 meeting with SEU, the parties covered the topics of uniforms and the justification of incidental illnesses. The university presented the wording of the articles and the letter of agreement covering uniforms for the 3 bargaining units. The parties were not able to reach a full agreement on the proposed documents and it was agreed to put this matter aside and discuss it at later stage in the negotiations.

The union expressed its concerns about the justification required in cases of incidental illnesses and more specifically some possible inconsistencies in practices between the various units. The union made a proposal concerning the length of absence requiring justification. The university is reviewing this topic which will continue to be discussed at the next meeting, on February 19. The parties agreed to an additional meeting date which brings to ten the total number of meetings before the end of June.

The 3 bargaining units in question are: computing centre, printing services and facilities management/residences/Faculty Club, represented by SEU (Service Employees Union, local section 800, affiliated with the Quebec Labour Federation).

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