Talks resume with AGSEM TAs

Published: 14 January 2015

The parties returned to the bargaining table on January 12. The university gave the union the French version of the agreed to article on selection and appointment; it will be reviewed by the union and should be ratified at the next meeting. The parties reviewed the list of resolved items and discussed some of the pending items. This provided a clear common understanding of the status of negotiations and plans for upcoming topics.

The parties agreed on a modified version of the article on printing and distribution of the collective agreement. The modified article was ratified in its English version and the French version will be presented at the next meeting.

The parties discussed at length the article on discrimination and harassment. Each party expressed its objectives and concerns. Some changes to the current text were contemplated and the university agreed to obtain additional information on the current complaint process. The University will present its position at the next meeting planned for February 2nd.  

This update is to inform the community of the evolution of negotiations with AGSEM teaching assistants in view of the renewal of their collective agreement and is issued without validation from the union.

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