Start of negotiations with floor fellows


Published: 3Dec2014

McGill’s floor fellows were certified in May 2014. The parties held their first bargaining session on October 31, where they exchanged proposals.  The session also included a presentation of floor fellows’ roles and responsibilities and their objectives.  Finally, the parties discussed how the bargaining process should unfold, preferred dates for negotiations, timelines and communications. Floor fellows are affiliated with AMUSE/PSAC. The bargaining unit represents approximately 75 employees.

Second bargaining session with floor fellows

At the November 28 session, the parties reviewed the document comparing the list of demands of both parties.  They agreed on shared communications throughout the bargaining process and on the negotiations calendar for 2015, with seven meetings scheduled until March 2015.

The parties also outlined the order of discussions. Negotiations were initiated on the following topics: purpose of the collective agreement, union recognition and definitions. These topics will continue to be discussed at the next meeting, set for December 5.

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