Progress in talks with AGSEM TAs


Published: 16Dec2014

The parties met on December 12. Two articles were discussed on this last day of negotiations in 2014: positions, and selection and appointment.

Discussions progressed with respect to the article on positions but the parties were unable to reach an agreement; the questions of fractional appointments and of responsibility for the completion of the work to be performed remain unresolved issues at this time. The parties decided to put this topic aside for discussion at a later stage in the negotiations.

The university described its goals and objectives behind the proposed changes to the article on selection and appointment. These explanations led to comments from the union. The parties agreed on an article that is clearer and which no longer includes the detailed parameters of TA training. The English version of this article was ratified and the French version will be reviewed at the next meeting, scheduled for January 12, 2015.

This update is to inform the community of the evolution of negotiations with AGSEM teaching assistants in view of the renewal of their collective agreement and is issued without validation from the union.

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