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Pay Equity Update


Published: 27Oct2017

Dear colleagues,

In March 2016, McGill completed its 2010 pay equity maintenance evaluation for all employee groups, as required by Quebec law. We expected at the time that the implementation phase would take place in the fall of 2016, including retroactive pay increases for certain groups of employees.

However, as was their legal right, three unions and some individual employees lodged complaints with Quebec’s Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST), which oversees pay equity. These complaints forced a halt to the process, and must be resolved before any payments or pay adjustments can be implemented. This is because the complaints propose changes that may have unforeseeable effects on the calculation of pay equity across McGill, making it impossible to determine at this stage which employees are entitled to pay adjustments, or how much they should receive. In an attempt to resolve this, the parties entered into a conciliation process in the spring of 2017, coordinated by the CNESST.

We are confident that a positive resolution of this matter will occur. Discussions are ongoing, and the University remains committed to exploring all available avenues to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion that meets the requirements of the Pay Equity Act.

We will provide further updates as the situation progresses.

Best regards,


Diana Dutton
Interim Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources

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