Pay Equity Maintenance


Published: 15Mar2013

On March 1, 2013 the University, with the assistance of the Pay Equity Commission, reached an agreement on pay equity maintenance with MUNACA.  As a result of this agreement, some staff members within the MUNACA, SEU, M and academic employee groups, who occupy certain predominantly female job classes, may receive a pay equity adjustment.  Affected staff will receive a retroactive payment covering the period since November 21, 2001. 

A delay of six to twelve months will be required to reconstruct earnings history since 2001 for those concerned and to make the necessary pay adjustments. The most recent pay equity maintenance exercise as of December 31, 2010 will be redone following these adjustments. 

Established in November 1997, pay equity legislation aims at redressing salary gaps causing discrimination based on gender. The Québec government requires that an evaluation of pay equity maintenance be carried out regularly to ensure that predominantly female job classes continue to have access to the same level of maximum compensation as predominantly male job classes of equal value.