New technical role within SEU (trades)


Published: 12May2014

The parties met on May 8, 2014 and the university presented a proposed new technical support role which could be introduced in the bargaining unit. The university outlined the purpose of this role and how it would complement other existing elements of the organization. Some information was shared with the union as to what would be the required qualifications and competencies to be successful in this new role. There were also discussions on how the university would proceed to fulfill these roles by unit members. The parties agreed to think about implementation strategies and will continue their discussion at the next meeting. The parties agreed to 7 negotiation dates for the fall term.   The next meeting is set for May 28.

The 4 bargaining units involved in these negotiations are employees from trades and from powerhouse downtown, and employees from trades and from powerhouse Macdonald campus, represented by SEU, local 800 (Service Employees Union, local section 800, affiliated with the Quebec Labour Federation).

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