Negotiation Update: MUNACA


Published: 28Sep2021

Negotiations between MUNACA and McGill began in the fall of 2020 and the parties have met regularly since then. Parties have been able to discuss and come to agreement on almost all the non-monetary elements within the collective agreement, including: Definitions, Discrimination and Harassment, Grievance and Disagreement Procedure, Disciplinary Measures, Probationary Period, Unpaid Leave of Absence, Labour Relations Committee, Rest Periods, Overtime, and Technological Change.

In May 2021, the parties initiated the discussions relative to the monetary elements of the negotiations, commencing with the union representatives presenting and explaining in detail their monetary proposals. In July 2021, the employer representatives presented a new salary structure which is currently being reviewed by the MUNACA negotiation committee. The parties are making some progress in these monetary discussions and more meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis in the weeks to come.

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