More agreements in talks with SEU


Published: 18Jun2013

At the June 12 bargaining session, the parties reached an agreement on the job posting process, more specifically the effective date of appointment and payment of new rates. This point, applicable to the three collective agreements, is now settled. 

The university also submitted the English version of the joint statement of intent concerning the staffing organization in Food and Dining Services. The union signalled its agreement by ratifying the statement which had already been ratified in French at the previous meeting. 

The parties started discussing assignments to special projects, their duration and the necessity of maintaining them as temporary assignments. Solutions were put forward by both parties. Proposed wording that would be added to the collective agreement will be prepared and submitted at the next bargaining session, scheduled for September 11.

The 3 bargaining units in question are: computing centre, printing services and facilities management/residences/Faculty Club, represented by SEU, local 800 (Service Employees Union, local section 800, affiliated with the Quebec Labour Federation.