More agreements reached with SEU (facilities)


Published: 8May2014

At the April 23, 2014 meeting, the parties exchanged proposals on the conversion of overtime into time off and vacation taken in days. The parties reached an agreement and signed off on these two articles.

The parties reviewed the university’s proposal on the separation of dining services and student housing services, which was also ratified.  Suggested changes in both parties’ original proposals were reviewed with some of the language requiring additional verifications. Once completed, the parties will review the final text.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 30.  The union cancelled two negotiation sessions in the spring and the parties agreed to 7 additional dates in the fall.

The 3 bargaining units in question are: computing centre, printing services and facilities management/residences/Faculty Club, represented by SEU (Service Employees Union, local section 800, affiliated with the Quebec Labour Federation). 

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