McGill and AGSEM lecturers still negotiating


Published: 20Nov2013

In recent bargaining sessions, including the October 25, 2013 session, the university met with AGSEM lecturers and instructors to pursue talks on articles 17 to 20 – teaching support, provisions for salaried graduate students, resources and equipment, and training and development. Counter-proposals presented at the session are being reviewed.

Article 2 – definition of terms referred to in the bargaining process – was revisited during the latest bargaining session with about 80% of these agreed to by the parties.

At a previous bargaining session, the union advised the university that it had asked the Ministry of Labour to appoint a conciliator to sit at the table to facilitate the bargaining process. On October 28, the parties held their first meeting with the conciliator. Additional dates have been scheduled in addition to dates which had already been set in November and December.

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