Discussions with AGSEM TAs on discrimination and harassment


Published: 17Feb2015

At the February 2 session with AGSEM TAs, the university proposed an amendment to the clause on discrimination and harassment, in response to the union’s concerns about having information on all possible recourses at their disposal in such circumstances.  The parties were unable to reach an agreement.

The February 9 bargaining session focused on communications, a permanent bargaining committee and university regulations.  On the communications front, although the union rejected the university’s proposal, the discussion led to a better understanding on how the parties should communicate together. 

The parties discussed the possibility of introducing a permanent bargaining committee; the university proposed adding provisions to the labour relations committee article, the proposal was ratified by the parties.

The parties started discussing university regulations but this item was left pending until an upcoming meeting.

This update is to inform the community of the evolution of negotiations with AGSEM teaching assistants in view of the renewal of their collective agreement and is issued without validation from the union.