Conciliation meetings with AMUSE floor fellows on May 27 and 29


Published: 4Jun2015

Since the last meeting on March 20, the parties met for the first time in the presence of the conciliator appointed by the Department of Labour. The conciliator invited the parties to present their respective views of the elements that are holding back the advancement of negotiations.

The union and the university then had the opportunity to discuss at length the rationale behind their position concerning the Statement of Principles and Values, Roles and Responsibilities, and possible amendment mechanisms. The parties also discussed the question of the number of student residents per floor fellow.

Some proposals and counterproposals were discussed but did not lead to any agreement between the parties. The parties agreed to reconvene on June 30 to see if and how the current issue can be resolved.

The parties agreed to reserve June 30, July 2 and 3 for discussions in the presence of the conciliator. The conciliator’s role in these discussions is to help the parties make progress in the negotiations in view of eventually reaching an agreement.