Articles ratified in talks with SEU


Published: 10Apr2013

At the April 5th bargaining session, the parties ratified articles relating to employee changes and definition of terms. The procedure to be followed when an employee returns to his or her assignment of origin was clarified and the definition of additional hours is now included in the definitions. 

The employer presented data on the number of hours performed by casual employees including students. This matter was discussed and a solution was tabled that may satisfy both parties. A more detailed analysis of this issue will be conducted by the employer and presented at the next meeting. 

The parties discussed the question of refusing overtime offers before employees’ names are withdrawn from a list and an agreement was reached, applicable to facilities management employees. This agreement will be ratified at the next meeting, which is scheduled for April 17. 

The 3 bargaining units in question are: computing centre, printing services and facilities management/residences/Faculty Club, represented by SEU, local 800 (Service Employees Union, local section 800, affiliated with the Quebec Labour Federation.