AMUSE floor fellows respond to key documents (including values document)


Published: 25Mar2015

Following the March 13meeting, at which time the university presented three key documents – code of conduct (values), roles and responsibilities, article on training and development – during the March 20 meeting, the union indicated its position on these documents.

The union expressed its overall satisfaction with the code of conduct (values) and the roles and responsibilities documents.  With minor adjustments, the parties were able to reach a consensus on these two documents.

Upon discussing the article on training and development, the union maintained its position that not only should it be consulted on the above documents, but that no changes could be made to the code of conduct (values) without the union’s approval.

The administration maintained its position that it was ready to consult and would give consideration to comments and recommendations from an advisory committee. However, it is not prepared to give up its management right on this issue.

No agreement was reached.  The union said it will meet with its members to seek their opinion, adding that it may seek conciliation. The next meeting is scheduled for April 17.