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More articles and letters of agreement ratified by SEU (facilities)

The parties met for a full day on April 10 and reviewed several articles and letters of agreement pertaining to non-monetary and monetary items which will eventually be integrated in a global settlement.  Items such as work uniforms, shift and other premiums as well as vacation scheduling were reviewed, finalized and ratified by the parties.  Since other non-monetary and monetary elements are still being discussed, the parties agreed to meet on June 15 and 17. 

Published: 16Apr2015

Letter of agreement signed with SEU (trades) on work-life balance

The parties met for a half day on March 25. The university presented the text of a letter of agreement concerning work-life balance. The union reviewed the proposed text and suggested some improvements which were included in the final version, signed by the parties on that day. The next meeting will take place on April 22. 

Published: 13Apr2015

Good progress in talks with SEU (facilities) on monetary and pending non-monetary items

The parties met for a full day on March 23 and discussed at length several non-monetary and monetary elements that had been broached in previous meetings. This led to a proposal and a counter proposal from the parties, leading to significant progress. Since many topics were initiated, the university agreed to put in writing all agreements being contemplated for the parties to review at the next meeting, which will take place on April 10.

Published: 8Apr2015

Update on AGSEM TAs conciliation sessions of March 31 and April 2

The parties met for two half days in presence of the conciliator recently appointed by the Ministry of Labour.  During the first meeting, the parties detailed the progress made during the eleven days of negotiation since August 2014.

Although most of the elements brought forward by the parties at the beginning of negotiations are now resolved and ratified, some unresolved non-monetary items along with all monetary elements were flagged as requiring further discussion. 

Published: 7Apr2015

AMUSE floor fellows respond to key documents (including values document)

Following the March 13meeting, at which time the university presented three key documents – code of conduct (values), roles and responsibilities, article on training and development – during the March 20 meeting, the union indicated its position on these documents.

The union expressed its overall satisfaction with the code of conduct (values) and the roles and responsibilities documents.  With minor adjustments, the parties were able to reach a consensus on these two documents.

Published: 25Mar2015

Agreement with SEU trades on work-life balance

At the March 11 meeting with SEU trades, as agreed, the union presented a proposal concerning ways to facilitate a work-life balance approach at work. This proposal led to several exchanges after which the parties finally reached an agreement. A written proposal will be submitted to the union at the next meeting, set for March 25.

Published: 20Mar2015

AMUSE floor fellows to review key documents prepared by the administration

At the March 13 session with floor fellows, the administration submitted three documents it had agreed to produce to help further discussions with this new bargaining unit.  The union will review the following documents: 1) a proposal on training and development to better prepare floor fellows for their positions; 2) a document describing roles and responsibilities; 3) a proposed code of conduct in accordance with the principles set out in Student Housing and Hospitality Services.  These documents will be discussed at the next meeting, set for March 20.

Published: 19Mar2015

McGill’s monetary proposals submitted to teaching assistants on March 18

Following the union’s presentation of its monetary demands on March 9, the university presented its monetary proposals and explained the rationale motivating its offers. The university also explained what comparators were used to benchmark its competitive situation. The parties reviewed in detail the university’s offers. The union’s bargaining committee members received responses to several questions asked about the university’s proposals.  Discussions on both parties’ monetary proposals will take place at the next meeting, scheduled for March 30.

Published: 19Mar2015

AGSEM teaching assistants present their monetary demands

At the March 9 meeting with teaching assistants, the union presented a document summarizing the issue of criteria linked with priority hiring.  It also identified its preferred forum to discuss this issue. Discussions concerning this document will take place at the labour relations committee instead of during negotiations.

The union also submitted a document that includes its monetary demands and responded to the administration’s questions. The university committed to presenting its monetary proposal on March 18.

Published: 19Mar2015

Intensive two-day discussions with SEU (facilities)

On February 24 and 25, the parties engaged in two intensive days of negotiations.  They discussed monetary items and will continue discussing this topic at upcoming meetings.  The parties turned their attention to discussing still unresolved non-monetary items such as sick days and change in pay frequency. 

The parties also discussed forming a committee on pay equity. This committee, which will hold separate meetings, will focus on the effects of the application of pay equity in managing the collective agreement.

Published: 3Mar2015