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Update on negotiations with AGSEM exam invigilators

An agreement in principle was reached between the parties, and the Union’s executive will submit it to members for ratification on December 8. After just under six months and slightly more than a dozen negotiation sessions, the negotiating committees agreed on all monetary and non-monetary aspects of the new collective agreement. If ratified by the Union’s membership, the new five-year collective agreement will end on April 30, 2020. The results of the December 8 vote will be communicated as soon as they are available.

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Published: 4Dec2015

Update on negotiations with Floor Fellows

On Monday, November 9, McGill formally filed for government arbitration in the ongoing negotiations with Floor Fellows, represented by AMUSE.

Published: 10Nov2015

Festive, Fit, and Fun: Strategies for being active during the holiday season

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It’s that time of year again: lots of holiday celebrating, cooking and shopping. Staying active during the busy holiday season can be particularly difficult.

AGSEM TAs Approve New Collective Agreement

The Union held its general assembly on September 30, and its members voted on the global offer submitted by McGill’s negotiating committee on September 1.

The teaching assistants accepted the University’s offer for a collective agreement of four (4) years. The new agreement will end on June 30, 2018. In the coming weeks, the parties will finalize and sign the text of the new agreement. Shortly thereafter, the detailed terms will be shared with the community.

Published: 1Oct2015

Meeting with SEU (Facilities, Printing & Computing)

The parties discussed the possibility of introducing biweekly pay for these groups. The University responded to the Union’s questions and concerns on this subject; some points still require clarification before an agreement can be finalized. This topic, as well as the continuation of monetary discussions, will be the focus of upcoming meetings. The next meeting is planned for October 7.

Published: 30Sep2015

Meeting with SEU (Trades)

The parties met briefly on September 22 to review the negotiations to date. It was determined that the discussion of normative subjects, upon which agreement has yet to be reached, would be put aside for the moment, and that monetary subjects would be discussed at the next meeting instead (planned for October 23).

Published: 30Sep2015

Negotiation meetings with AGSEM invigilators

Following the previous meeting on July 14, the parties met on September 15 to discuss the Union’s rights, the job posting clause, employment applications, and the selection and appointment of employees. The parties came to an agreement on these topics and ratified the English text of the modified clauses.

Published: 30Sep2015

Conciliation Meeting with Floor Fellows on September 11

In order to move negotiations forward, the parties continued discussions that had begun on July 3 regarding the counting of hours worked. The parties discussed what, in their respective views, constitutes the fixed portion vs. the variable portion of hours worked by floor fellows. The parties expressed their views and concerns with respect to the inclusion of activities in each of these categories. The Union expressed concern about a decrease in training hours and hours dedicated to community development.

Published: 30Sep2015

Meeting with AMUSE (Casual Employees)

The parties met twice, on September 18 and 25. Discussions were focused on the grievance and arbitration process, and on the clause regarding discrimination and harassment. Significant progress was made in discussions on the grievance and arbitration process, and the question of delays remains outstanding – this subject will be discussed at a later date. The parties agreed on the text of the clause on discrimination and harassment; a final bilingual text will be confirmed at the next meeting, on October 2.

Published: 30Sep2015

Global offer to be presented to TAs by Oct. 2

The parties met on September 1, 2015 in the presence of a conciliator appointed by the Ministry of Labour. This was the first meeting after the summer break. The parties continued several discussions which were initiated in previous meetings.

Published: 9Sep2015