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Return to the bargaining table with SEU (facilities)

On January 15, 2014, the university met with SEU for a full day bargaining session. The parties discussed at length what should be included in each of the collective agreements with regard to work uniforms and safety shoes. An agreement in principle was reached on the text to be included in two of the three collective agreements. The union presented its proposal for printing services which is being considered by the university. It will respond to the union’s proposal at the next meeting.

Published: 30Jan2014

Update on session in conciliation with McGill course lecturers

The university met with McGill course lecturers and instructors on December 18, 2013. This was the third session in the presence of the government-appointed conciliator. These discussions were conducted on an exploratory basis, in view of finding solutions to the elements considered to be most important and of the highest priority. These include:  a hiring priority points system, the selection process, the number of courses allocated to lecturers, and a reserved clause (reserved courses to be allocated to graduate students). 

Published: 20Dec2013

University and SEU (trades) ratify articles on working hours

When the parties met on December 12, 2013 – and considering the union’s demands and objectives concerning client services – the university presented its proposal on working hours in Athletics. The union questioned several aspects of the proposal and suggested changes that were included in the contents of the modified clause. 

Published: 17Dec2013

Last bargaining session of 2013 with SEU (facilities)

The parties met on December 11, 2013, the last bargaining session of 2013. The union commented on the university’s proposal on week-end operations in food and dining services. The union was not in favor of proceeding with the proposed changes and suggested to put this subject aside and possibly discuss this when the parties address monetary issues. The union presented its proposal relating to uniforms and safety shoes for the 3 bargaining units.

Published: 17Dec2013

Talks continue with SEU (trades) on working hours

At the December 3, 2013 meeting, the university submitted its proposal on working hours for the trade groups, which included discussions about schedules and a proposal for employees’ work schedules in Athletics.  Although the union agreed in general with the proposal, it made some demands for employees in Athletics, notably in sports services and physical activity.

Published: 16Dec2013

Talks with SEU on weekend operations in dining services

At the November 20, 2013 bargaining session, the parties discussed the university’s presentation on weekend operations in dining services, which includes the evolution of the financial situation in that unit over the last four years. It also shows information on the various food plans offered to students and outlines information on revenues and expenses. The university also shared information on compensation parameters in comparable units in the Montreal area.

Published: 3Dec2013

Talks with SEU (trades) on hours of work for building operators

Following the union’s request to better understand the fluctuating number of service calls for building operators, on November 21, 2013, the university submitted data to the union on the number of calls received during each hour of the day.   

Published: 3Dec2013

Agreement with SEU on seasonal layoffs

At the November 13, 2013 bargaining session, the union proposed a modified letter of agreement on seasonal layoffs in food and dining and residences, which was reviewed by the university and ratified by both parties.  The union agreed with the list proposed by the university about articles having to be modified to reflect the two new structural units’ names following the separation of food and dining from residences.  The university will prepare amendments to these articles, which will be reviewed at an upcoming meeting.

Published: 22Nov2013

SEU (trades) and McGill accept changes in disciplinary measures

 At the November 14, 2013 meeting, the university presented a modified version of the clause on disciplinary measures, which takes into account the concerns expressed by the union at the last meeting. The union once again expressed some concerns about how this clause will be applied and changes were made accordingly.

Published: 22Nov2013