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Agreement with SEU on seasonal layoffs

At the November 13, 2013 bargaining session, the union proposed a modified letter of agreement on seasonal layoffs in food and dining and residences, which was reviewed by the university and ratified by both parties.  The union agreed with the list proposed by the university about articles having to be modified to reflect the two new structural units’ names following the separation of food and dining from residences.  The university will prepare amendments to these articles, which will be reviewed at an upcoming meeting.

Published: 22Nov2013

SEU (trades) and McGill accept changes in disciplinary measures

 At the November 14, 2013 meeting, the university presented a modified version of the clause on disciplinary measures, which takes into account the concerns expressed by the union at the last meeting. The union once again expressed some concerns about how this clause will be applied and changes were made accordingly.

Published: 22Nov2013

Agreement with SEU on separating food and dining from residences

At the November 6 , 2013 meeting, the university presented the content of a letter of agreement about the separation of food and dining from residences, resulting in two different structural units.  Until now, food and dining was a sub-section of residences. Upon signing of the agreement, the food and dining unit will be called dining services while residences will be called housing services.

Published: 20Nov2013

Tentative agreement with SEU on separating food and dining and residences

At the October 23, 2013 meeting, the parties reached a tentative agreement after in-depth discussions on the implications of separating food and dining from residences. Discussions led to several exchanges and proposals. This led the parties to a tentative agreement to be written into a formal agreement proposal and submitted to the union at the next bargaining session, set for November 6.

Published: 20Nov2013

SEU trades and powerhouse agree on grievances and arbitration procedure

At the October 24, 2013 bargaining session, the parties wrapped up discussions on grievances and arbitration procedures. After a review of the proposed wording for these articles, they were ratified and the modified versions of these two articles will be included in each of the collective agreements of these bargaining units. The parties also discussed suggestions to improve the wording of the clause on disciplinary measures. The university will present a proposed draft for review at the next meeting, scheduled for October 31.

Published: 20Nov2013

McGill and AGSEM lecturers still negotiating

In recent bargaining sessions, including the October 25, 2013 session, the university met with AGSEM lecturers and instructors to pursue talks on articles 17 to 20 – teaching support, provisions for salaried graduate students, resources and equipment, and training and development. Counter-proposals presented at the session are being reviewed.

Article 2 – definition of terms referred to in the bargaining process – was revisited during the latest bargaining session with about 80% of these agreed to by the parties.

Published: 20Nov2013

Talks evolve with SEU about separating food and dining and residences

 At the October 9, 2013 bargaining session, talks about separating food and dining and residences moved toward resolution, to the satisfaction of both parties. The implications of these changes were discussed and both parties are studying proposed solutions. Changes to the collective agreement and a letter of agreement for facilities management/residences/Faculty Club are being discussed and reviewed by the parties. The next meeting is set for October 23.

Published: 20Nov2013

Grievances and arbitration discussed at second bargaining session with SEU trades and powerhouse

The parties held their second bargaining session on October 10, 2013. They discussed the grievances and arbitration procedures. Both parties expressed concerns, particularly about how the articles should better align with current day-to-day practices and improvements were proposed. The content of these articles is still under review by the parties and will be discussed at greater length at the next meeting, scheduled for October 24.

Published: 20Nov2013

First bargaining session with SEU trades and powerhouse

The first bargaining session with SEU trades and powerhouse took place on October 3, 2013. The session kicked off with members of both bargaining committees introducing themselves. The parties then each presented their full sets of proposals. Finally, the parties discussed what should be considered priority topics to be negotiated.

Published: 20Nov2013

Major progress in McGill and SEU negotiations

The parties met on October 2, 2013 and discussed at length the objectives and concerns and the implications of treating food and dining and residences as two different departments. Several scenarios were considered in view of satisfying both parties’ interests. Discussions led to possible solutions stemming from each party. A global solution is being considered at this time with some important details still remaining to be discussed. The next meeting is scheduled for October 9.

Published: 20Nov2013