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LOGIN TO VIEW CURRENT BALANCES:  Access the McGill University Savings Programs website using your McGill Username and Password.

If you forget your McGill Username or McGill Password, try logging into Minerva with your 9-digit McGill ID number and PIN. Once you have logged in successfully, go to the Personal Menu > Password for McGill Username. Here, you can view your McGill Username, and choose a new McGill Password.  If you have forgotten both your McGill Password and Minerva PIN, please contact the ICS Service Desk (http://kb.mcgill.ca/it/servicedesk) for assistance.


As a result of the change in recordkeeping platform, the account balances reflected on this site will remain "frozen" as of October 31, 2013.  To login, you will need your McGill Identification Number as well as the Personal Identification Number (PIN) which was provided by the Pension Plan when you joined. If you don't remember your PIN, once you have accessed the site, scroll down the page to "Lost PIN" - answer the questions posed and a your existing PIN will be emailed to you immediately.