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Wellness Resources During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought on many challenges such as working from home, disruptions, uncertainties and perhaps transitioning back to work after being remote. As we navigate this, it is important to consider ways to support your mental and physical health and resilience. This section provides an evolving list of resources to support your Mental Health and wellness throughout COVID-19. 

Awareness of key resources and services available to support mental health and resilience is a great place to start.

For McGill Employees and their families: Free Counselling and Services through the EFAP

  • If you feel you may be struggling with your mental health, or would like someone to talk to, we encourage you to take advantage of EFAP. If you or anyone you know is struggling, please do not do so silently - there is help available to you.
  • Morneau Shepell: COVID-19 toolkit

Articles & Workbooks

Physical Wellness 

Adding physical activity to your day can help you manage stress and anxiety. This is especially difficult when working remotely as there is a tendancy to be more sedentary.

Videos & Webinars

  • Visit our YouTube channel with videos specific to staying well during the pandemic
  • Meditation for stressful times: Being With What Is- Anika Harris
  • Achieving well-being in the midst of a pandemic- McGill passcode- 4L!l0@I9: In this talk, McGill Psychology Professor, Richard Koestner distinguishes two distinct ways of conceptualizing well-being and explains how we can still achieve happiness and purpose in our daily life, while also safeguarding our physical health by adhering to social distancing and obsessive hand-washing guidelines.

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