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McGill Staff & Faculty Virtual Health Fair

Read about the 2020 Health Fair in this article. 

The Health and Well-Being team is bringing you a virtual rendition for our 10th annual Health Fair! 

McGill employees are invited to connect with exhibitors to learn about health and wellness from a list of experts on October 29th. Although we cannot be there in person, we are still offering great prizes! All participants in the fair will enter into a draw to win a selection of prizes.

In addition, the week of the health fair will also include offerings such as webinars on financial wellness, Covid-19 science facts, Mindfulness and Mental health. We will also be releasing a series of videos on nutrition, setting up your home workspace and preventative stretching. PLAY BINGO to learn more about the various pillars of wellness, and explore the many offerings available this month in advance of Health Fair week.

Virtual Health Fair October 29th (10:00am-3:00pm)

Register now: Follow these steps to register or view this guide for more information 

  1. Click on this link to access the fair page
  2. Set up an event profile by clicking on attendee sign-in. Create a profile by using your McGill email
  3. Once you have created your profile, you can then browse the exhibitor booths and begin booking sessions.
  4. As you begin booking video chats, the sessions will be added in your agenda in the Home Page of the event site.
  5. Test your browser video room to ensure that everything works smoothly in advance of the fair
  6. For any questions- email [at]

What the Health Fair Offers: 

Staff Fitness, McGill Athletics & Recreation
Learn about live streamed fitness classes and the Sports Medicine Clinic offerings.

McGill Office of Sustainability
Learn about sustainability at McGill and how can you get involved in this important initiative.

Come and learn more about the new services offered this year!

McGill University Pension Plan
Planning your retirement? Come see us about the variable benefit settlement option


The School of Human Nutrition
Come and learn practical tips and resources to support you and your family’s nutritional well-being.

McGill Staff & Student Dental Clinic
Are you looking for a dentist in Montreal? Learn about their services, and ask an expert! 

SNAP - The McGill University Research Centre for Studies in Aging
​​​Learn what characterizes normal aging and disease as well as risk and protective factors!


Employee and Family Assistance Program
Be the first to know about new services offered for employees AND managers!

Organizational Development
Discover OD in their 15 minute group sessions or meditate in a Just Breathe McGill session.

Learn more about innovative web-based approaches to provide support to individuals diagnosed with cancer.

Women's Healthy Heart Initiative
Learn ways to prevent heart disease though education and awareness from an expert.



Department of Kinesiology
Meet with these experts to learn about the physical and psychological benefits of exercise and physical activity.

Health & Well-Being Program
Learn about the many health and well-being resources, challenges and events available to all McGill employees as a part of this program.

Diabetes Quebec
Learn about resources and trainings available around prevention and diabetes management.

Ergonomic Office Set-Up
Meet with an expert to receive suggestions for setting up your home workstation.

MHW- My Healthy Workplace
Discover the many offerings of MHW and find out more about one of the top five priorities of the Principal! Register for one of their meditation sessions to recharge.

Equity Team
Come and learn about the many new offerings and support this team can provide you including workplace accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation
All you need to know about breast cancer.

Learn about the new variable savings plan and ask an expert!

Information Technology
Learn how to stay safe in our increasingly online world!




Health Fair Week

To register for events during Health Fair week:

In the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select Health and Well-Being services, and follow the instructions to register.

10 Healthy Habits of Financial Management

Registration: Registration closed

Date: October 26th 1-2pm

Details: In this session you will:

  • Learn how-to self-assess your level of financial fitness
  • Learn the 10 healthy habits of financial management
  • Obtain resources to help you get your finances in order

Facilitator: Bobbi Adler, CPA
This educational session is sponsored by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada).

Interested in learning how to practice mindfulness? 

Registration closed

Date: October 27th, 12-1pm

Details: Join this workshop to develop an understanding of mindfulness and how you can use it to manage stress and ultimately enhance performance in your personal and professional lives. This workshop will focus on defining the construct of mindfulness, explaining how mindfulness can be used to manage stress, as well as practicing mindfulness-based activities. No mindfulness experience required! Please register at least 60 minutes prior to the start time of the group to receive the invitation to the online meeting.

Facilitator: Dana Carsley, Wellness Enhancement Specialist, Student Wellness Hub

Living in Pandemia: Equilibrium and Mental Health in Uncertain Times

Registration closed

Date: October 28th, 11:30-12:30

Details: Seven months into living in "Pandemia" and global unrest, we all remain in the process of adapting to uncertainty and shifting priorities. The way our time, environments, social lives, and tasks now unfold demand different skills, and can generate challenges to maintaining our mental health. This workshop will provide guidance and a reflective space to take stock of your stress levels and coping strategies, and reconsider how you are balancing your activities to foster your resilience. Attendees are invited not consider this as a conference or webinar, but rather, as a 'time for you'. Therefore, please attend in comfortable clothes and location. You are encouraged to keep the video off to rest your eyes, and to treat this as a podcast.

Facilitator: Hiba Zafran is an occupational therapist-psychotherapist and assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine

COVID-19 Sense from Non-Sense

Registration closed

Date: October 28th, 1:00-2:00

Details: With a mission demystify science for the public, fostering critical thinking, and helping to separate sense from nonsense - McGill's Dr. Joe Schwarcz from the Office of Science and Society shares his insights on Covid-19.

Facilitator: Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director of McGill University’s “Office for Science and Society” which has the mission of separating sense from nonsense. He is well known for his informative and entertaining public lectures on topics ranging from the chemistry of food to the connection between the body and the mind. Recently the Office has focused on trying to unravel the mysteries of COVID-19.


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