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Staff Development Courses

For a listing of courses offered by Financial Services, consult their Knowledge Base Page.

To register, view your current registration status, or cancel your registration for a course, please sign in using your McGill ID and Minerva PIN. If you do not know your ID and PIN, please contact IST Customer Support Help Desk at 398-3398.

EHS - Environmental Health and Safety module

BSC Refresher Exam

Duration: 1 days
Cost: $0 (na)
Course objectives:
Pre-requisite: Have attended to a "Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinet" course in the past.

Step 1: Register
Step 2: Receive an email-confirmation
Step 3: Wait for online test link and course material
Step 4: Keep your email-results [i.e. valid to provide temporary access to Lab]
Step 5: Save preciously your email-certificate, valid for 3 years

***Important, if you experience any problem with one of the steps above, please read this page:

Note: If you don’t possess a valid McGill ID, please use this form to register:


Module Course Duration Start Date Registration
EHS BSC Refresher Exam 1 day Feb 20, 2019 Please sign in to register
Maximum Number of Participants 120
Time Wednesday 12h (Noon)
Comment On Wednesday, February 20 EHS admin will send you information about the online course & exam. Please be patient. tel. 4563
EHS BSC Refresher Exam 1 day Mar 29, 2019 Please sign in to register
Maximum Number of Participants 120
Time 12h noon
Comment If you are not familiar with EHS online test, please note that on March 29 EHS will be sending you the test instructions and link (2 emails). no before, therefore please be patient. Date can be changed to meet EHS schedule.

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