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Staff Development Courses

For a listing of courses offered by Financial Services, consult their Knowledge Base Page.

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OD - Organizational Development module

Reflection Cafe - The Players of Cultural Change

Duration: 0.25 days
Target population: M's and Excluded positions
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
We know that culture figures prominently in changing an organization. Where it has been and what it stands for, will significantly determine where it is able to go. You have to manage culture to manage change. To manage culture you have to understand what plays what role in sustaining, challenging and shifting that culture.

The objectives for this session are to:

• Recognize the range of different behavior patterns that emerge once a culture change has been launched.
• Understand what these responses mean , why they occur, and how you can work with them to ensure sustained change.
• Learn to gauge how people are really feeling about change.

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