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COM - Communication module

Level 3 - Avancé - Les valeurs au travail

Duration: 0.1 days
Cost: $0
Course objectives:

Les valeurs au travail : de l’argent à l’épanouissement

The French classes are structured to enable the participant to develop and improve their competence in spoken and written by consolidating the foundations of their language learning.

The completion of various tasks gives the participant the opportunity to act and interact in French in everyday situations of a professional and social nature. Listening and reading, speaking and writing, allow it them acquire linguistic elements (grammar, structure, vocabulary) and to develop communicative skills specific to course level.

To achieve the objectives of the course, the participant takes part in various activities in and outside the classroom, created around themes related to work values. Active participation in various components of the workshop (classroom, online, via Lync) is critical to the success of this linguistic training.

 Overall Objectives
The workshop aims to enable participants to:
- develop their speaking and writing in French in formal and informal situations specific to life (academic) and sociocultural
- to improve their listening and reading in French;
- use some communication strategies in exchange situations in oral and written French;
- to develop better linguistic accuracy;
- to raise awareness of the cultural and socio-professional context Quebec.
 Specific Objectives
At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
- introduce themselves and talk about their career choices;
- to recount memories of the past;
- to question and question;
- compare the values of today and those of the past;
- to express and defend their opinions, their beliefs;
- make recommendations;
- describe a corporate culture;
- making assumptions.

Important to note minimum attendance is 4 of 6 session to complete module. Should this requirement not be met it will be necessary to repeat the level/module.

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