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Staff Development Courses

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MGTSK - Skill Development module

Frontline Customer Service in a Diverse Environment

Duration: 1.5 days
Target population: All administrative and support staff members
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
Customer Service is based on managing thousands of “moments of truth” – those critical incidents customers come into contact with that form their impressions of service excellence.

This course has two parts: 1) Understanding and responding to the needs of internal and external customers, and 2) Understanding and dealing with customers and team members of diverse backgrounds or cultures.

The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overemphasized. Customers who experience even mild dissatisfaction tell on average another nine people! The purpose of this workshop is to increase awareness and skill building in the importance of customer relations, not only with “paying” customers, but also with team members and colleagues from different departments in the university. In addition, diversity and cultural awareness is an issue that most organizations have been facing even more with globalization. Employees in these organizations need help in assessing their behaviour toward people who are different from themselves. All too often, many diversity issues get in the way of appreciation and cooperation, which puts a barrier to effective customer service and teamwork. Understanding various diversity issues and knowing how to deal with them can remove certain barriers which would otherwise create friction and account for less-productive relationships.


* Explore the customer interpersonal relations process
* Discuss the importance of focusing on customer expectations
* Introduce the concept of the value chain and the impact on the customer
* Focus on the importance of internal factors of customer service
* Limit the influence of stereotypes
* Embrace diversity as a source of organizational strength, and transform knowledge into acceptance and empathy
* Understand the impact of our behavior on others

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